#graceFally2016 our color story

Growing up on the west coast of Oregon, we always started school the day after labor day.  My summers spent in the oppressive heat of the south only to travel to the 60 degree weather pattern that marked the school year. Surrounded by evergreen trees, crashing waves, strong winds, and fog, my fall colors were far from the burnt oranges, reds, and golden yellows that are normally seen with the changing of the seasons. This is our color story- fall 2016.

back to bandon

Back in Bama…

blue agates found on bandon’s beaches


rocks i brought back

blues and green found in the south’s landscape

Fall color story 2016

Hugs- Jamie

Joell Regal / Neel Alexander #FirstFriday Sept. 2016​​​

We had (finally!) a beautiful mild night and Joell Regal sang us all into a lull with her beautiful prose and guitar. 

“The show Working Process is a form of open studio viewing. The viewer will be seeing where ideas begin to meet a creative process but have not yet found thier finished states.” Neel Alexander.

See more Joell Regal on her you tube Channel!

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XO jamie

Conservation, Clay, and Clovers w/ The Old Paints!

Our final First Friday until September involved artist Kiersten Ellis and music from Birmingham’s The Old Paints!

Kiersten digs her own clay. On display are items with clay from Hurricane Creek, Snowsbend Farm, and the Searcy House. Her photos are from her Travels and her two paintings involve four leaf clovers that she has collected over 10 years! Kiersten’s work will be shown til the end of July.