Fell in love with a girl. . .

follow site I’m posting some photos from Ginny King’s home.

go I really had a lot of fun with Ginny.  She is a young mom and like most of us, we have to learn how to be more grown up without being old!  Ginny wanted a formal sitting area in home without it being so formal no one wanted to sit down.  It was important that when her friends came over with their children the “grown-ups” felt like they could talk without worrying that one of the kids might break something. Instead of going with one style of furniture we were able to mix and match what she loved from the store, creating a young sophisticated sitting area that makes people feel at home while still reminding them that it is a formal sitting area. I really appreciate that the room shows off her personality by highlighting the art work that she has collected over the years and that she was able to incorporate earlier purchases into her new room.

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