Bottletree Cafe

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source Today I have closed up the Shop, loaded up my brother in laws truck and drove to Birmingham for the Rummage Sale! Being held at the bottletree cafe.  Also in the building are our friends reeves&fagan, designs by eeema, ally clark, and echolyic designs. The only thing better than selling cool stuff with cool people is it’s at a cool BAR!

Ladyfest 2011 On Sunday, April 17th we supported and participated in Ladyfest Deep South. The store hosted crafters, singers and poets along with wonderful weather and great people.

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creeperjess- find her on Etsy!
Echolyric Designs

Please check out crafter irasema at her blog, I tried putting the info with her photo but I’m not sure if it’s coming out correctly so I wanted to post it one more time! I would also like to thank the poets Anne Brettell, Kate Berger, Leia Penina Wilson, Katy Gunn and Laura Kochman for preforming! You guys really made it a very special day!

To see more photos visit our Facebook page at Grace Aberdean Habitat Alchemy!!!

Give your local Feminist a hug today!

Herbs and compost

Just a friendly reminder that we are selling herbs and compost at the store! We have our lovely dill in bags for $6


We have our single herb pots for $9


We have double herb pots for $12 and our triple herb pots for $15.00

Curly Parsley

As for our succulent strawberries, all pots are retailing for $10!


To help out your garden we have bags of compost made from 100% green matter!!! I recommend using it two to one. That means for every two scoops of soil, add one scoop of our green compost. Our compost is sold in biodegradable burlap bags so when I finished putting the compost out I used the bag to fill in the spots of my coconut grass in my planters. It worked great and I didn’t have to go out and replace all the coconut grass! The compost retails for $5.
We are now watering our herbs 1-2 times a day depending on the the heat and how they look. If it’s really hot and your soil is dry and your plant looks droopy it needs to be watered. If your plant looks droopy and the soil is wet, stop watering it! Let it dry out. You can kill your plants by over watering as well as under watering! Just be sure to talk to your plants everyday and tell them they are doing a good job! They love that! I hope everyone has a great Thursday and please stop in and say hello to me and Jess!

Happy Herbing!!!

“Cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home…”

MYSTERY HAS BEEN SOLVED!!! in an earlier post entitled dah de dah dah or whatever I was humming a song that I didn’t know the lyrics to and the mystery has been solved!!! The name of the song is Daylight by Matt and Kim and they sing, “cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home.”

Jess and I felt right at home at Pie Lab, located in Greensboro Alabama, this morning!!! We were greeted by smiling faces and of course quiche and coffee and lemonade!!!

Spinach and Meat Quiche

Crafting Pies!

Unfortunately you can't lick the spatula

Spinach Quiche

Photos by Elliot Knight for sale in Pie Lab

It’s always a great way to start your day when you can chit chat with your neighbors to see how everything is going in their neck of the woods!! Be sure to become a fan of Pie Lab on Facebook!!! If you’re friends with the store, GRACE ABERDEAN HABITAT ALCHEMY, you should be able to like them from my page.

Wall Art

Cate, Grant, Blair and Jess

To see more photos that Jess and I took please go to our Facebook page!!!! Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday!!!
“sit back and wave through the daylight. . . ”
Pies and Hugs!