It’s freezing here

The highs are in the 30’s. Yes I can all see you playing the worlds smallest violin. Especially where the highs are in the teens or zeros but there is a reason I live in the South, one of the being a mild, hot climate. Yes, this hothouse flower is already counting down the days til she retires in a warmer climate and can wear flowered shirts and blueblockers all year long. Until that happens here are some photos of the January Store! It’s always 70 degrees in here and cheery!

The wellthatscool gang is helping raise money for the Darius goes west Foundation all month long! I know this Friday they will be at the Gray Lady with their piggy banks drinking Gray Lady beers, $2.00 Coors light and $2.00 High Gravities from 9 until. . .  There is four people participating and for every $50.00 they raise they must eat a spoonful of wasabi!!! They will be raising money until the end of the month where they will tally up the money for the big party at little willies.  For more info and to donate go to

One of my good friends and vendors Kristi Jo (a cup of jo) is moving :( Everyone wish her luck, happiness and continued success! And don’t worry, she promises to keep sending me her vintage inspired jewelry and vintage finds!

I hope everyone has a great week!


Why I love January

Two reasons. The first, it’s my birth month (yea me!) The second, it’s the dead of winter. When writers and photographers talk or write about “the dead of winter” I imagine they are talking about January.  It’s an extreme month.  Little light, a lot of gray and this year, so far, it has brought on the winter ice storm of 2011.  Which forced me to clean and organize my garage, thank you very much.  This is a month that really tests people. From the extreme weather conditions to the resolutions you made on the first day.  I have made a few resolutions.  One is to stop using plastic bags from the grocery.  I’m buying a reusable bag pronto.  As for my cat poo that usually goes into the plastic bags, it’s now going into brown lunch bags. Yes I know that comes from trees but I have to knock it off with the plastic.  It’s terrible.  I went to the landfill not long ago and it was a real eye-opener to see all those plastic bags.

I have also started using a huge reusable water bottle so I don’t have to buy water bottles.  The water comes from my tap goes into the big glutton and voila!  Money Saved, environment saved, my insides are getting hydrated which is good for me so then i’m sticking to the other resolution of being more “healthy,”  (whatever that means) and I don’t have the catholic guilt of  that I could be doing more.

Speaking of doing more I have some fantastic news! I have a new vendor who goes under the monitor of {M}  More vintage clothes and a ton of 80’s jewelry.  I also have three coach bags that she brought in. They won’t stay long at the price and condition they are in so come in a check them out. It’s a great addition to all the strictly 50’s and 60’s vintage items from this ol’ thing.

All month long I will be bringing in new furniture items and dishes.  My camera is marooned at the store so later in the week we will have photos!!! Til then you must use your imagination :)  We still have fingerless gloves and knit hats to keep you warm in the dead of winter.

I would like to thank Mary Tubbs for holding a fundraiser at the store last Saturday for the Darius Project.  Those photos will also be posted later in the week.  All month long Well that’s cool ( Will be raising money for the project that brings awareness for Muscular Dystrophy.  I will be selling the DVD Darius Goes West all month long to support the cause!

Til my next post, keep warm and trudging through the dead of winter!



A Few of my Favorite Things. . . .

Well I’m not winning any originality contests with that theme and or song at this time of year but whenever I think of my store at this time of year that song comes into my head.

We are getting into the final hours of the holiday season and if you’re still wondering what gifts to give, don’t panic!!! I have some great ideas!

Photojournalist Andrea Mabry has two different post cards in the store that retail for $2.oo each.  A perfect gift for friends or family that live far away.  Nothing says, “keep in touch!” like five or so postcards wrapped nicely with postcard stamps.

Of course we have stars! Remind everyone that stars fell on Alabama with crocheted star ornaments by Business Bear.

Crocheted Star Ornaments and Fingerless Gloves by Business Bear

As well as the stars she has Flowers, Snowflake ornaments, Birds and Garland.

My family is always expecting something different from me as my gift to them.  Usually I make something for them or give them something that is a personal memory.  I notice the best gifts are gifts that show people you take notice of what they do or it’s a little something that shares a memory you had with the other person.  The price tag is extremely irrelevant.  That is one of the reasons I love, love giving ornaments.

Another a great gift idea are the vintage pins we have.  This ol’ thing has vintage pins that I used to embellish the outside of gift boxes.  She also has a bunch of great vintage bowling patches from the 60’s and 70’s that would be a great unique fun gift.

A cup of Jo has brought in stained glass retailing for $30, $25, $18.  She also has brought in a bunch of earrings she has crafted.  I’m excited that Kristie Jo has started showing off her original crafting skills to go with her superb taste in vintage clothing.

I have photos of Will Holoman’s street sign bowls on my facebook page GRACE ABERDEAN HABITAT ALCHEMY.  They are so cool. Totally original and cold.  It’s the perfect home accessory to give someone who has EVERYTHING!!!

Being Italian, we always say, “I love you” with food so come and bring home FraLi Gourmet’s pastas and anti-pasta.  Made exclusively by Lisa and Franco Marra in Savannah GA.  It’s something one can eat and enjoy. The perfect gift!!!

Tell someone happy holidays by giving them the gifts of kissable lippie lips with all natural, all organic lip slaves from The Lefthand Soap. Nothing works better to protect lips in the winter than these products. We have three different kinds, Carrot Seed, Peppermint and Sage, and Rosemary and Lime.  They retail for $3.25 each.  You can buy all three and make a nice little statement that says, “I like you and I want people to notice you have softlips and not crusty ol’ winter mouth.”  I also have their skin salve.  Along with the lip salve you would be giving a nice gift that fights away the winter skin blues.

And last but not least are the phone/MP3 player sleeves made by burly bunny.  Not only does she knit wonderful hats for children and adults (both available in store) she makes these wonderful wallets from shirts and change purses from windsuits, both retailing for $6.  Show someone it’s easy being green with a great d.i.y. gift made by the lovely burly bunny.

Well I hope to blog before the festivus but if I don’t I wish everyone the warmest of holidays and remember it’s the intention of the gift not exactly the price tag that counts!!! Celebrate the holidays with Grace.

hugs and kisses!!!


Fell in love with a girl. . .

I’m posting some photos from Ginny King’s home.

I really had a lot of fun with Ginny.  She is a young mom and like most of us, we have to learn how to be more grown up without being old!  Ginny wanted a formal sitting area in home without it being so formal no one wanted to sit down.  It was important that when her friends came over with their children the “grown-ups” felt like they could talk without worrying that one of the kids might break something. Instead of going with one style of furniture we were able to mix and match what she loved from the store, creating a young sophisticated sitting area that makes people feel at home while still reminding them that it is a formal sitting area. I really appreciate that the room shows off her personality by highlighting the art work that she has collected over the years and that she was able to incorporate earlier purchases into her new room.

“Don’t you know? We’re talking about a revolution, and it sounds like a whisper….”

That is a quote from a Tracy Chapman song. I like to think of the store as a quiet revolution.

Most of my  post titles are from songs. That’s how I catergorize things and I guess that’s why I’m always itching for new music.

We had our very first holiday open house and boy was it a lot of fun!!! Friends, snacks and most importantly the sharing of laughter and ideas!  New in the store right now are three extremely lovely ladies and their ideas on life style. First we have A Cup of Jo.  Inspired by Kristy Jo’s lifestyle, her taste in vintage fashion leaves me so envious!!! Her eye for clothes, shoes and hand bags makes me wonder, how did I not notice these pieces before!!!  Here is a photo of the lovely Kjo making my vintage furniture look bad ass!

Kristy Jo, owner of A Cup of Jo Vintage

Next is, this ol’ thing owned by Lori Watts.  Lori has been selling vintage clothing, accessories, furniture and everything in between for the past 20 years all along the southeast.  Being in and out of many scenes her clothes have been on countless models in magazines and on many rock musicians and a few album covers.  “I have never been giving credit for it,” she says with a laugh. “I have always just been there yelling, wait! put this on!”

She has filled my store with the coolest vintage jewelry. And for the christmas season she has brought in some vintage Christmas aprons, and vintage holiday cards  (Which some I’m about to craft into garland).

And of course Business Bear owned and operated by the lovely Mary Tubbs.  When she’s not crocheting she is reading books, blogging or watching movies for her master’s degree.  She has graced my store with handmade ornaments of stars and flowers.  She has fingerless gloves which are now being called, “texting gloves,” cowels for adults and children and beautiful holiday garland which is my favorite!

Coming after Thanksgiving I will have knitted goods by Burly Bunny!!! I can’t wait!

Right now I’m working on an upcycled t.v. stand and trying to figure out how to make some street signs into tables while keeping the weight down……

The latest items I’ve had upholstered are a Herman Miller Office Chair,

Re-upholstered 1978 Herman Miller

And an ottoman that was a beautiful antique chair that I had bought in New Orleans when I lived there in 2000 with the hopes of repairing. Long story short the chair fell victim to an accident so I decided to salvage the seat and make it into an ottoman.

Here it is with some of a Cup of Jo’s boots on top!

Next I have two beautiful wing back chairs that I plan on getting re-upholstered with fabric with tree’s on it. . . I don’t want to give to much away!

Also NEW are our pillow cases that are 100% cotton and 100% handmade locally. I picked the fabric that are inspired by vintage patterns.

If you haven’t already, become a friend of the store on Facebook by clicking on the Facebook Icon on the home page of the website.  There you will see more photos of our open house! Til next time, keep living life with Grace!