Hey little girl. . .

here is your daddy home?  Did he go away and leave you all alone? Mmmmhmmmm I got a bad desire. . .




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Im on fire…..








Tell me now baby is he good to you?

Can he do to you the things that I do? Oh? No?

I can take you higher

Oooooooooooooo I’m on fire.







Sometimes it’s like someone took a knife baby
Edgy and dull and cut a six-inch valley
Through the middle of my soul     

At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet  and a freight train running through the  middle of my head….


Only you can cool my desire

ooooooooo i’m on fire….

-bruce springsteen-




Our First Friday was a Big Success!!

Good news! Our First Friday ever was a huge success!

Signs by Will Holman, Jewelry by Clever Gretel, and Jewelry and Journals by Up-cycle Specialist IAMTHEMANDY, gave everyone something to talk about.

Signs, Furniture by Will Holman

Signs, Furniture By Will Holman

Window At Grace Aberdean Habitat Alchemy
Journal made by IAMTHEMANDY
Up-Cycled cuffs by IAMTHEMANDY
Up-Cycled Button Earrings by Clever Gretel
Button Earrings by Clever Gretel

At our First Friday for February, Grace Aberdean Habitat Alchemy played host to our guests from the Pie Lab and Rual Studios from Greensboro Alabama, along with   Friends and family who came in from all over the southeast to celebrate art, fun and furniture. Bryant Saxon came in from Birmingham to spin records for the event and our own Mary Tubbs flip cameraed  everyone! The conversation ranged from cocktails to fashion to world peace to food and farming!

It is my great pleasure to showcase all my artists this month. Will has shown foresight and growth by incorporating rustic folk art into sustainable original pieces of art that are entirely functional for the modern home.  His pieces are one of a kind that add a conversation  to any room.  The designs are sturdy and in it’s classic design will remain in style throughout the years.

IAMTHEMANDY shows her finger is on the pulse by creating fashions from whatever she can find.  Right now we are sporting her Up-cycled earrings made from tape measures, Cuffs made from buttons and fabric, her journals from old record covers (very popular) and her crocheted necklaces from t-shirts. We only have a limited amount of her goods so get them while they’re hot!

Clever Gretel charms us with her Up-cycled  Vintage Button Earrings. So simple it’s ingenious!  Using furniture buttons and actual buttons attached to vintage children book pages she tells a story visually.  Very clever indeed!

Here are a couple photos from the party!

For more photos see us on our Facebook page! Here is a link from Will, a DIY on his folding table.


Thanks to everyone for coming out on Friday! We had a great, great time!!!

Hugs and High Fives!


Saturday comes, Sunday comes we go-o!

lyrics  by  The hundred in the hand. Still trying to find out who sung the song poorly referenced in the the previous blog. For those of you in other states it’s raining sideways here so I send out my condolences to everyone snowed in!!!  We are still having our vintage clothing sale!! The Sale will last til Thursday, the 3rd. Look cute this week for Art Night, The pink box burlesque (Pink Box Burlesque’s 4th Season Opening Show!!) and our  FIRST FRIDAY art night here at the store!!!

I wore the earrings that are pictured in the previous blog and a red hat and got nothing but complements at the Successful Goslobi Challenge put on by Mary Tubbs and wellthatscool.com. My answer to everyone was thank you! Followed by, I sell this at my store! Come get it while it’s on SALE!

So while Saturday Comes, Sunday comes we go. Please come to our First Friday Art Night!
Introducing, SIGNS. New Work by Designer WILLIAM HOLMAN,(www.wholman.com.) Up-cycle specialist, IAMTHEMANDY,(www.iamthemandy.com) and Jewelry by CLEVER GRETEL.
Records will be spun by Bryant Saxon. Spirts and Snacks provided.

PRESS 6:30, PUBLIC 7:00

Earbobs by Clever Gretel
Earbobs by Clever Gretel

Hope to see everyone on Friday!! Be Safe in this weather!!!

Hugs and High Fives!


Dee Da Dah Dah

I would write down the lyrics stuck in my head but i’m not sure what they’re saying. Maybe some thing like, “in the night time la la something eee oo ne na. Whatever it is I will find out and let you know! It’s a catchy little beat! I’m blogging to let you everyone know of two new blogs that are blogtastic. The first is ladyflashback. She’s out of Atlanta. Check her out at www.ladyflashback.com and the other is an alabama plate. This is from Matt who is local for now! Check him out at  http://analabamaplate.blogspot.com/

Fierce Vintage Earrings this ol' thing brings in only the most unusual vintage to the masses. be the select one to pick up her finds here at Grace Aberdean.

Vintage Earrings to dress up your sweet noggin.











I’m busy planning festivities for February! OF COURSE, you’ll be the first to know!

Hugs and High Fives,


Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy

Today is my birthday for those of you who didn’t know.  I promise to keep this blog short because I like to blog about the store and not really myself, yet on this day I will waver from my rule on blogging. First off I’m 33. For those of you who think that is old. Just wait, you’ll be this age one day.  I’m far to young to compare myself to a fine wine, in the scheme of things i’m still around Boons Farm.

After graduating from college I had the great fortune of working for Yvonne LaFleur in New Orleans. Her eponymous boutique has been in New Orleans for as long as I can remember and remember I’m 33.  Being an idiot 22 year old when I worked there I learned a lot. More than any classroom.  Her sense of style and ideas on art and life style have outlived hurricanes, malls, and the countless children that she has blessed the earth with.  One thing that she always said to me in her perfect New Orleans accent  was, “don’t ever lie about your age.”  She would then throw her head back and laugh. “I tell people my age all the time and they don’t believe it!” Which was true.  She has perfect porcelin skin.  And she was right. Why lie about your age? Embrace it!  God knows living in a college town I’m surrounded by younger girls but I must say, experience is everything.

I look forward to another year of learning, laughing and of course the tears.   On this day I am thankful for all my girlfriends that I’ve had throughout the years, some are mommies now, some are still in school, some are married some are not. Some of them  (two) live in Los Angeles and love life. Some are fabulous like Shayne Mackey, still jumping horses.  All of you have taught me many things about being a lady, HAVING FUN  and embracing the person I am becoming. Many thanks of course to Yvonne who put up with me.  I hope I do her justice in the way that I run my business and relate to people through my art.

I mean who cares about getting older? Especially if you live in New Orleans?!?

Hugs and kisses and for all of you throughout the year, Warmest Birthday Wishes!