“Don’t you know? We’re talking about a revolution, and it sounds like a whisper….”

That is a quote from a Tracy Chapman song. I like to think of the store as a quiet revolution.

Most of my  post titles are from songs. That’s how I catergorize things and I guess that’s why I’m always itching for new music.

We had our very first holiday open house and boy was it a lot of fun!!! Friends, snacks and most importantly the sharing of laughter and ideas!  New in the store right now are three extremely lovely ladies and their ideas on life style. First we have A Cup of Jo.  Inspired by Kristy Jo’s lifestyle, her taste in vintage fashion leaves me so envious!!! Her eye for clothes, shoes and hand bags makes me wonder, how did I not notice these pieces before!!!  Here is a photo of the lovely Kjo making my vintage furniture look bad ass!

Kristy Jo, owner of A Cup of Jo Vintage

Next is, this ol’ thing owned by Lori Watts.  Lori has been selling vintage clothing, accessories, furniture and everything in between for the past 20 years all along the southeast.  Being in and out of many scenes her clothes have been on countless models in magazines and on many rock musicians and a few album covers.  “I have never been giving credit for it,” she says with a laugh. “I have always just been there yelling, wait! put this on!”

She has filled my store with the coolest vintage jewelry. And for the christmas season she has brought in some vintage Christmas aprons, and vintage holiday cards  (Which some I’m about to craft into garland).

And of course Business Bear owned and operated by the lovely Mary Tubbs.  When she’s not crocheting she is reading books, blogging or watching movies for her master’s degree.  She has graced my store with handmade ornaments of stars and flowers.  She has fingerless gloves which are now being called, “texting gloves,” cowels for adults and children and beautiful holiday garland which is my favorite!

Coming after Thanksgiving I will have knitted goods by Burly Bunny!!! I can’t wait!

Right now I’m working on an upcycled t.v. stand and trying to figure out how to make some street signs into tables while keeping the weight down……

The latest items I’ve had upholstered are a Herman Miller Office Chair,

Re-upholstered 1978 Herman Miller

And an ottoman that was a beautiful antique chair that I had bought in New Orleans when I lived there in 2000 with the hopes of repairing. Long story short the chair fell victim to an accident so I decided to salvage the seat and make it into an ottoman.

Here it is with some of a Cup of Jo’s boots on top!

Next I have two beautiful wing back chairs that I plan on getting re-upholstered with fabric with tree’s on it. . . I don’t want to give to much away!

Also NEW are our pillow cases that are 100% cotton and 100% handmade locally. I picked the fabric that are inspired by vintage patterns.

If you haven’t already, become a friend of the store on Facebook by clicking on the Facebook Icon on the home page of the website.  There you will see more photos of our open house! Til next time, keep living life with Grace!

And I Live By The River. . . .

My good friend Rennie Jackson let me borrow his DVD, Joe Strummer, The Future is unwritten.  I always enjoy seeing where people came from to see where they go.

This weekend I encourage everyone to come to our OPEN HOUSE! Our hours will be from 10-2 p.m.  I will be mixing it up with vintage textiles, fabrics, clothes from this ol’ thing. Along with vintage accessories and clothing from a cup of jo. I have great, great, crochet  ornaments, garland, gloves and cowls from Business Bear. And just odds and ends for you to come and browse and get inspired!  FESTIVUS FOR THE REST OF US!!!!


Well, here I am finally getting to learn my new blog and website.  I hope everyone will enjoy the new format.  I will be posting a lot today.   Not only do I have a new website and blog, I have a new location for the store!!! I have moved from Vestavia Center in Northport to Downtown Tuscaloosa.  I’m located at 2124 9th Street.  Next door to Regions Bank and the Frame Up.  The Stafford Apartments are catty corner from me and you can look down the street towards eighth and see the Alcove.  Soon I will have a sign on the window once I figure out how to present my idea of a sign to the city and they approve it. Til then, you’ll just have to find me from the pots on the side of the building and the big colorful plants we have planted out front!!!  I realize this would be a good spot for me to post a photo of the store so I’m going to try. . .

The Corner of my Store as I water plants.

Moving the store has been a test of patience but I’m extremely proud of our new location and of the artists that we have.  This month in the Grace Aberdean Gallery we have two local photographers, Crystal Jackson and Jamie Cicatiello.  They are answering the question of  Anywhere But Here. . . The show will run until January 1st.

You can view more of Crystyl’s photography at www.click-photos.com.

I’m also proud to have new work by South Carolina Artist Kent Ambler.  His wood and lino cuts are a beautiful addition to the home or work place.  His low editions insure that only you and a few lucky other’s own his work, and the price is just right to make a special holiday gift.

Find out more about kent at www.kentambler.net.


From Savannah Georgia we have two Artisans of a different kind.  Franco and Lisa Marra bring to us their home made pastas and marinated vegetables in olive oil.  Franco was the head chef at Il Pastico before he and his wife Lisa decided to start up their own company.  All their pastas are made with natural ingredients without any added preservatives or artificial fillers.  They make it the old fashion way and have a drying room where it’s left for 48 hours.  I personally toured the little factory where they make the food and everything is filled with laughter and love.  We are almost out of what I have brought back, so come see what you can take home!

Learn more about FraLi gourmet at www.fraligourment.com.

Starting next week, Nov. 15th I will have normal business hours.  Tuesday – Saturday 11-6 p.m.  I will be gearing up for our FESTIVUS celebration that will last until Dec.23!!!

Let’s do this!!! It’s time to make Art, Buy Vintage and Be Beautiful!!! join me on facebook at GRACE ABERDEAN HABITAT ALCHEMY