Neel Alexander! Druid City Dames! Blackwater Theives! April First Friday!!!

 Strange Nature is the title of artist Neel Alexander’s April show. He was kind enough to share the spotlight with our Druid City Dames who sold their swag and we danced to an acoustic set by our local Blackwater Theives!   

Stretching Strand w/ Bad Cologne.

February First Friday, artist Joe Etterer-
The dichotomy of the word “strand” interest me. The word is not where these paintings began, but it revealed itself in passing, indirectly emphasized for me the relationship between each work’s simple forms and its concepts. A strand can be both a group of threadlike parts as well as the German/English word for the stretch of land before the shore. At first sight these works are lines on a surface, but like the strand of the sea, a rest before the immeasurable and the spiritual as a place we might stand to touch the intangible. Through quiet contemplation, each concept would unearth itself and determine a specific process of how the lines were represented. The struggle between the intentionality of mark-making and the nature of the media and tools used was an intimate part of each process. As you might see, each paining has unintentional stray marks that reveal the sincerity of each line. I prefer that my specific conceptual references stay vague for the viewer in order to allow each paining to create a dialogue with whoever takes the time to get to know them. Treat each painting as you would an individual, and you will surely get the most out of them.

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December 2015 ladies and gentlemen!




















Diva Weava brings her woven magic to Grace Aberdean!

october First Friday was dedicated to the beautiful and talented Keena Nichelle Graham who brought in her hand woven purses, bracelets and tapestries. I use the term hand woven because she does not have a mini loom to make her wares on. 

“That’s correct. I just my fingers and something to attach the the yarn to like a pin or giant paper clip. I make a series of knots similar to how little ones make friendship bracelets.”

Ben Farley and the Beautiful losers provided the music. If you are in Jasper and Ben Farley is doing an event or singing karaoke, go see him! You will not be disappointed! Keena’s designs are for sale in the shop and on my Etsy site!