December 2015 ladies and gentlemen!



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Martone/Richardson pink erasers and parachutes

On September 17th I had the honor of hosting a book launch for Michael Martone, English professor at UA, author extraordinaire and Jessica Lee Richardson who at one time lived here and there and is now calling the low lands her home. Martone came armed with his book latest book, Winesburg, Indiana, his catch phrase HUZZAH! and pink erasers! Jess came with her book, Essay Writing Services In Dubai It had been planned and there were guides: stories, a few bottles of vino and plastic  parachute men! As for the store, the least we could do is provide food and shelter!  

  The guest were greeted by accordion and drum played by Emily Whittman and the legendary Sweet Dog. The playlist consisted of author’s choice of course, talking heads, Joni Mitchel, Tom Waits, Neutral Milk Hotel, Sonic Youth and Animal Collective. Before and after the readings, fire was spun.

I do have four copies of Michael Martone’s, Wiseburg, Indiana. Published by  Indiana University Press 978-0-253-016881-1

It had been planned and there were guides: stories  Jessica Lee Richardson. 

Paperback ISBN 978-1-57366-052-5 eISBN 978-1-57366-856-9 “you can find it where all good books are sold.”

I’m always grateful to be in the presence of greatness and that I’m able to share such joy.

xo grace aberdean


It’s not everyday you get to meet the Author of a cook book and it’s not everyday they stop at your store and share their book with you, but that’s exactly what happens yesterday when the Embassy Suites executive pastry chef Edward Gee stopped in. BAKE is a beautifully illustrated with recipes from around the world. “What I really like about it, is that everything is on the pages you are looking at,” said Gee. “You don’t have to turn the page to get the rest of the recipe. It’s all in front of you.”

 Gee’s love for baking is infectious as we go through the cookbook. He reveals he decided to get his A.O.S. in pastry at Johnson and Wales instead of the Culinary Institute of America was because he believed Johnson and Wales had the best pastry program at the time. 

The Side by Side at the Embassy Suites is his fifth hotel opening. The Waldorf Astoria and Buena Vista Palace are also in his resume. 

 I can’t be happier to have such a professional in our town! You can purchase Edward’s book for $50. All proceeds are going to find his mission trip that he’s taking with his 13 son to the Dominican Republic with the Church of Tuscaloosa!

 If you would like a copy to help fund his trip, please email me at or email Edward at




June 1st Friday. Artist Matt Yoakum, Music Erik the Red

Bits and Pieces is the name of Matt’s show hanging in the gallery. It’s a little bit of here and there of Matt’s life over the past 5 years. “It’s nice to see it all together.” Matt reminisced. Music was provided by the wonderful Erik the Red. Jeremy Satcher filmed a local commercial for his comic books and I started the music late because Councilman Matt Calderone started Live at the Plaza! For the entire month of June on each Friday, Councilman Calderone has secured music to be played at government plaza from 6-8! It’s BYOB and your blanket and your friends and family! I’m so excited for his new plan that I didn’t want anything to interfere so when the band at the plaza was done playing, Erik got started! The response was overwhelming! People loved all the music and Matt’s art kept them talking:)


May 1st Friday. Performance Art THE FLOCK by Patrick O’Brien. Music The Defenders

This is the first performance piece that I’ve had at the store and it was phenomenal! Patrick O’Brien introduced us to a post apocalyptical time where he must tell his flock the order of the new world.  Music was brought to this new world by the Defenders who gave us something nice to Shake our asses too. Also never doubt the uses of a dijereedoo! (Yes I know that’s spelled wrong)




The Flock